Foggy John

John Smith lived quite normally. He worked in the office. He always had  one problem ... he never felt joy. He was thinking about one job. In one knife he wanted to look out the window.   He saw something terrible. He razgled the man in a strict suit. His he seemed to be without a face. John immediately ran out into the street. This man was not there, but he saw a dead body. Pasting, John realized that it was his mother's body. John was shocked. This case of John brought in shock. After that, John noticed that something was obviously happening to him. Within days, his skin had become very pale. After that, John stopped feeling pain. He began to be often nervous. He became more aggressive. One day he saw an employee from his job.something told john to kill him. A smile immediately appeared on John's face. His eyes were cold. Jonpodol to the employee. John right away  grabbed it. He strangled him in front of everyone. All the people looked at him.  John saw that many began to call the police. John immediately ran into the house. John climbed into the attic. There lay a mask that gave him in childhood as a mother. Hearing the sound of a siren, John took kerambit, put on a mask and ran into the forest. It was in 1964th year. It is said that he comes in the time of fog and takes his victim.
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