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B.C. Liberal Premier Paul Martin was accused of failing to protect the premier and his family for years when he was in opposition.

In 1984, the Liberals brought in Bill S-8 to limit the number of members and staff that could be involved in an election campaign.

"Bill S-8 was a very long time coming, the government came in was the first party to introduce a new rule to make that a condition before the vote," NDP MP Dave Caley told CBC News on Thursday.

S-8 created a two-year waiting period before candidates were able to stand and called for parties to give their candidates additional support.

According to Caley, it also gave the Liberals a "permanent rule", allowing them to intervene in election campaigns and "banish" certain people from riding if "there's a scandal or if there's a person that's breaking the rules."

Caley said that was something the NDP could have brought back at the last election, but would need to get the support of the Conservatives to do so.

After the NDP lost the 1991 election, NDP leader Jack Layton called on the Conservatives to make it illegal for a party leader to get involved in an election campaign without the express agreement of another party.

"The government needs to put a rule like that in place, but first of all you have to deal with the current party machine in B.C.," Layton told CBC News on July 24. "So now there are all these people running around, they have no real experience, they don't have a very good sense of the economy and they know nothing."

An NDP spokesperson said the party is "fully supportive" of what the B.C. Liberal government is doing but called for legislation that would remove the requirement that a candidate have a two-year waiting period to stand for office.

When asked, Layton was quoted as saying: "I do not support any legislation that prevents me from going on the ballot in this province."

Layton said he wants to have more options for the electorate but not limit them to just being told that you have to be a registered Liberal or NDP voter to vote in an election.

NDP leader Jack Layton on the steps of Parliament Hill after a meeting with Premier George Heyman on June 5, 2014. (Photo: Tom Hanson/Canadian Press)

NDP Leader Jack Layton on the steps of Parliament Hill after a meeting with Premier George Heyman on June 5, 2014. (Photo: Tom Hanson/Canadian Press)

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India v australia tourists looking for calm in bangalore test the waters, and are treated to a warm welcome! This is the third tour of the new "Dive Inn" at the old "Dive Palace" on this stretch of river, and once again it proves to be quite an interesting adventure. The site was completed and the building is in very good shape, with the waterway having been closed down by the water level so you do need to be mindful of the current. While the tour will last about 3 hours (no more than 30min) it certainly is worth taking a couple of minutes to explore the area before heading on to see the beach. It is not crowded with tourists and the beach is a fantastic place for relaxation. The tour will conclude around 20pm and you can have a drink on the hot bench inside the pub.

Lagoon Road

Dive Palace's Dive Inn: Lagoon Road Dive Inn on Lagoon Road. The Lagoon Road Dive Inn was opened in the summer of 2012 on the main beach at Sushil Vekkar's house by Indian architect, Vishnu Bhaktivedanta Swami Ramaiah. The Dive Inn offers an atmosphere of calm seclusion, which has been the hallmark of Swami Ramaiah's design philosophy. The diving experience is guided by a staff of a diverse range of qualified divers, who are expected to engage with visitors in a friendly and friendly manner. The Dive Inn, built in 1962, is one of two old "Dive Palaces" which were built by Swami Ramaiah after his death. These palaces were built as his last resting place and were originally designed by Swami Ramaiah himself. Swami Ramaiah died in 2008 and was buried on the main beach at Sushil Vekkar's house as his last will and testament in memory of Swami Ramaiah. While not a traditional restaurant, and the decor is old school, the dive can be had by all. The location can only be reached through the street, but it can be accessed by connecting this side of the main road into a "Fluor Lane". The entrance to the Dive Inn is in the middle of the main road, right next to the "Dive Palace". This is on the way towards the main beach, so it is about an 5 minutes walk from where I went.

Dive Inn has a small but inviting layout with a comfortable bench and a small kitchen and pool. It is open from 11am to 7pm daily. While there are some tables inside, there is nowhere to sit as seating is available all round the restaurant. The kitchen with its "Pasaya" style, open kitchen table, is set out in the center of the room while another table (similar to the original