Unluck (CreepyPasta)

July 12, 2015
Yes! Today my parents again leave! I will be all night long one as the grandmother is in the hospital. I think, it is worth inviting friends and to have fun.
I write, now on hours somewhere twelve hours. You heard stories about Kripi? Most likely. I like them to read for the night, but one me seemed to the strange. This history was on an unknown site which soon did not become. But I did not give it value.
Here history
Sofie Rossing had all: family, house, friends. She was the lovely and happy girl, always ready to come to the rescue. The only thing that excited her, so it is the family budget. Her parents were up to the ears in debt and every day it was kept ringing by collectors, threatening that will get into their house and will kill. To the girl it was uncomfortable, she felt is unsafe.
Because of poverty of a family of Rossing, Sofie began to humiliate and beat at school. All this began to affect estimates of the poor girl, after all she studied at quite elite school. Insults already rather bothered it and it needed to gnaw only nails from helplessness.

- No! It is not necessary! No! - the girl shouted. It lay on cold asphalt in a pool of blood and to it any bastards towered. The guy seized Sofie by a collar.
- Ha-ha-ha! Naive silly woman! You the truth think, what someone will help you?! - he seized the girl by hair and struck about a brick wall. On its bass scarlet liquid which mixed up with salty tears began to flow. Through Sofie's sobbings the poisonous laughter of guys and girls who cruelly and ruthlessly continued it to beat was audible. Suddenly any guy approached to it and undid a belt.

Rossing rose from asphalt. Her again nearly did not kill and raped. It broke as a dry straw. Blood and tears on a face dried up and when Sofie wiped cheeks a sleeve, her face became even more awful. Having risen to the feet, she grabbed a portfolio and escaped home.

- What with my parents?! Release me! Release rubbish!
- Ms., more quietly! We learn who made it, but wait a little! We will surely find the criminal!
The girl considered corpses of her parents and cried. Her father huge pieces of muscles poured over the person acid and now and skin hung and developed on a wind, as a rag. Mother pierced a sharp stick, her breast. Her eyes were not, and teeth is pulled out. Sofie looked at them and sobbed.

Still Sofie's long time passed treatments at the psychologist, after all after death of beloved parents, its mentality began to reel a little. Soon doctors told that the girl is quite healthy. Next week it sent to a shelter for the nesovereshennoletnikh. It was only sixteen, but even in orphanage it humiliated and beat as a dog. Every morning it almost did not heat in soup and beat a lash. Sofie so wanted to have friends, to tell about the grief. But anybody never approached to it and did not talk.

In the morning Sofie got up and went to have breakfast. In total as usual, she sat down at a table and her head again dipped into porridge. Any stinkers who are passing by, made it. The teacher approached to it with a lash. The girl bent down and closed the head, expecting blow, but nobody was going to beat her.
- Went, for you wait in an office of the head mistress.
- What happened? - squeezed out from itself Sofie, but her seized by a wrist and took away in an office. The teacher pushed the girl into the room and closed behind itself a door. On the contrary there was a head mistress and considered her.
- I can congratulate you, after all you had parents! - joyfully the woman sang - Can collect things, tomorrow you will get acquainted with them.
Angry and uncomprehending Sofie's face was changed on the joyful. In soul there was a small scrap of hope that here, it again will find happiness. It will have loving parents, though even not native.
- Take please a shower - the head mistress told and Sofie joyfully took off from the room.

The girl approached to a mirror. Her face looked shaky: pale skin and bags under eyes. Having rummaged in hair, it found a gray-haired lock. At such age as at it, a gray hair is formed only because of a stress. Anything, everything will change soon.

Sofie moved to the new house with parents. They at first were kind to it, but in a month or one and a half the nightmare began. On its street there lived hooligans from whom it for days on end received a dressing down. On it and without that a pale body there were bruises and scars. In the evenings the drunk stepfather came and beat it. Having graduated from school, she wanted to enter the university, but because of education it did not manage to arrive even in the heaviest. She stayed at home, for days on end was locked up.

In one day Rossing left from the yard at night to descend in shop and not to run on neighbors. Passing by the old house, she noticed the drunk company of any people. Including there were also her neighbors. Sofie tried to escape, but someone called to her:
- Where gathered? - her seized and dragged to the thrown house. The girl shouted and tried to escape, but everything is vain.

- Mrs., and where my parents? I have today a birthday! To me it is executed eighteen!
- They did not come... they told that they have many affairs and they will arrive in the evening for you!
Before the nurse the girl sat. Her body was in scars, and the bang all turned gray. The huge gray lock in her chestnut hair was one more proof that Sofie any more will not be former.
Exactly at six o'clock the hospital was approached by the car and took away Rossing.
Everything repeated: the stepfather drank, the stepmother beat. Sofie was locked in the room and did not leave. For days on end she sat there, did not eat, did not drink. The stepmother often approached to the door and quarreled, but in reply only heard strange and terrible laughter.

To the house the man something flew shouting. The woman tried to stop it but everything is vain. The man flew to Sofie's room, having beaten out a door. He at all did not expect to see it in such state: she sat on a bed and knifed to itself office a palm. Her feet were tied up by bandage, but to all body small scratches and cuts were sewn up. On her right cheek there was a seam, and on left a krovorochashchy wound. On it there were torn jeans shorts and a vytsvevshy t-shirt. Everything was in blood... its pupils... they became small as a bead, and color of eyes became visible at all. The stepfather отшатулся from it, but Sofie with wild laughter got up and stuck to it into heart an office knife. It pulled out it from a body. Mother ran up to the girl, but was hit a knife in a neck. The girl laughed. Having cut skin on a stomach of the stepfather, Sofie pushed a hand in a section and pulled out intestines. Having hanged out it on a chandelier as a garland, it was accepted to other bodies. It placed them in a package and threw out in a refuse chute. The wild laughter of the madman was distributed about the room. Having dunked fingers into bloody medley, she wrote on a wall "You is not forgotten".

The laughter and shouts woke neighbors, and those called the police.
I saw it... it at me behind a window... to me it is so terrible... It was knocked!

Today in the State of Wisconsin in Middleton's city the girl of years of fifteen was killed. According to the data obtained from police, this maniac is the girl of nineteen years at present. The name and a surname are not known. The maniac calls himself by "Unluck". Searches of the murderer are conducted and we ask you to keep tranquillity and less often to go outside while the maniac wanders around the city.
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