Bloody polaroid

It was a very ordinary day. My friends and I just decided to take pictures of different places and took our cameras with us.When we went to take pictures of the sunset, we saw a strange building.It was abandoned, but it looked strangely good for its age. But some guy (a friend whose name is Mike) suggested that we go there, and we thought that this idea was very terrible. Someone even told him: "Do you seriously think this is a good idea?".But we didn't listen to this nerd. and of course we went there.Everything was fine, we took pictures of the places and they didn't look so bad for such an old place.But we heard that someone was making sounds like "Pst", but we understood that it was Mike, but when we were in the same room with Mike and another friend came running to us and said that Mike had already stopped joking with the sound of "Pst". And we doubted that there were three of us here. We started to leave but... But when I accidentally took a picture of the staircase, there were two glowing dots on it, then I whispered: "Guys, I need to go take a picture of the bedroom because I haven't taken a picture of it yet." And we went to the bedroom, then I took a picture of the doorway and there was a strange silhouette And the guys noticed it too. We sat in the closet and took pictures of the bedroom, we saw him, he didn't look like a human, you already understood that, He looked like some kind of humanoid creature.3 meters tall with a large neck (about 54 centimeters from his height). And I took a picture of the bedroom again, Half of which Mike was dragged under the bed. There were hellish screams coming from there, Mike's leg fell out from under the bed and I threw up, we started running away and he slowly followed us.We took pictures of what is behind us.And at one point, the creature was looking at me and standing behind my friend (whose name I don't remember).It started to tear off my friend's head and these pictures with him were just so scary.But of course I ran away without two fingers because I wasn't looking ahead of me and stumbled in the kitchen and because I fell on the locker, it opened and the knife flew right into my fingers.I was very scared at the time, but I'm fine now.