Эта история была скрыта, поскольку набрала слишком много отрицательных отзывов. Рекомендуем начать чтение со следующей истории: W.D.N 6 (world document number 6).

when I was 12 years old, I was in the village with my grandmother. I didn't like to sleep, and I sat in the kitchen and watched TV. it was 2013, the same year with horror stories. I didn't believe in all this until something happened to me...... Hi, I'm Voldemar, I'm 22 years old and I still live in the same village when this happened to me. August 12, 2013. I was sitting in the kitchen drinking tea. I read horror stories on my mom's old touch phone, and I was full of confidence that it was all fake and nothing would happen to me. I suddenly felt a chill run through my body. I don't know why, I started having a panic attack. I started looking to the left from a hopeless situation, and I saw him.... it was a small imp of 120 cm, but what a scary one ....... long hair, red eyes, black skin, sharp teeth and big long horns of an already yellowish color. to say that I was scared is to say nothing. I was trembling, my heart sank into my heels, but after 5 seconds he was gone. at the same time, someone knocked on the window. a black hand and red eyes. the glass is smeared with blood. I ran in tears to my parents' room, but they were not there. it's the same with grandmothers and girls. no one. just me, the TV, and this brat who doesn't stop knocking on the window. I was crying. I wanted to die. here he broke through the window. He got in, but I wasn't there. I ran to the neighbors. when I ran into the house, I saw my parents and neighbors who were drinking. "What happened? "they asked, but I was speechless. "H... hh....".I couldn't say anything, just cry. The question was repeated, but this time I answered: "There would be a little monster... ". throwing everything off to sleep, they took me home. grandpa and Grandma were standing there, looking at the broken window. "why did you break the window, robber"? they asked. "it's an imp! "STOP TALKING NONSENSE," the drunken father shouted. but in my heart I knew it wasn't a dream. I was laid down. I woke up at night. this devil sat on me and strangled me. suddenly... a man with long hair and a beard flew down from the ceiling. "why are you touching the child, monster? "he took the devil and literally flew through the ceiling. I was in shock.Since then I have never seen them.